By Jena Sophia + Abid Tej

Invitation to the 
NFT Masterclass

NFTs have become the latest trend and with good reason, as they represent a breakthrough in merging technology with art. This new industry has become highly lucrative especially if you invest in the right project! But there is a lot of B.S. out there that can cause confusion and mistrust in the industry. This is why we Abid (The Optimal Being) and Jena Sophia are delivering a unique self-paced NFT course for everyone and anyone to get involved! 

It was only 6 months ago that I (Jena) bought my first NFT (World of Women) for $400. Now this NFT is worth upwards of $30,000. Currently an NFT in this collection is going to be auctioned at the prestigious Christie's later this week! (we talk more about this in the course and even share a new up and coming project that has this growth potential). We are sharing all the research that led me Jena invest in this profitable project so you can take these skills and find successful NFTs of your own! So much can happen in such a short time and learning about this NOW before it becomes mainstream is a huge huge advantage! We have learned from our experience that timing is everything and now really is the time!

Our intention is to make understanding and getting involved with NFT's to be super easy and straightforward. This is all about empowering YOU by giving you the tools and research we have collected over the past year for you to take on the NFT world. 

From the ups and downs with our own investing, we are sharing it all for you to learn from. This is a space that will definitely become more popular so if you are exploring this now, you're in at the right time! Only 3% of the population hold NFT's but is steadily growing everyday. 

What Is Covered...

  • 8 modules and a handbook covering NFT's from A-Z
  • ​WTF are NFTS?!
  • ​6 Blue-Chip NFT projects
  • ​How to spot a successful NFT project before it becomes popular
  • ​Step by step process on how to buy an NFT using cryptocurrency
  • ​How to convert cash into cryptocurrency
  • ​How to find quality NFTs
  • ​How to see what NFT 'whales' are investing into so you can gain valuable information into legitimate NFT projects
  • ​What NOT to do when investing in NFTs
  • ​How to find the most rare and profitable NFTs
  • ​Insight into an up and coming women led NFT project
  • ​The 7 golden rules for NFT investing + and then some!
  • (You have access to the course materials forever!)

What People Are Saying:

Jena Sophia is a world-renowned Subconscious Specialist and Healer based in London and New York.  She has worked with thousands of people from Celebrities, Creatives, Fortune 500 CEO's, Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs and Billionaires. She has also been an active NFT & Cryptocurrency Investor for the past 4 years and is passionate about helping women create abundance on all levels
Abid is a cryptocurrency consultant for entrepreneurs and executives and the founder of The Optimal Being, He has 5 years experience in the crypto world and has helped people all over the world through his 'Thrive in Crypto'  course where he teaches the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies.  He currently consults for private clients with their crypto portfolios and has helped them achieve over $1 million in value thus far. 
Feeling overwhelmed by what is happening on a personal OR global level?

 Do you feel like you can’t seem to find your center in the midst of what is coming up for you to heal and transform? 

This week is all about deprogramming from the matrix - clear discordant energetic patterns, stress and limiting subconscious programs that are keeping you from living from an energetic state of authentic freedom and flow

expect increase in your self-worth and self-love!


Reconnect with your intuition and inner guidance system

Gain inner clarity to accurately discern information for yourself both on a  personal and global level 

Clear your field of programming that is manipulating your perceptions to see truth 

Release confusion and fear embody more trust, inner peace and empowerment using your intuitive compass

After we have deprogrammed our minds and activated our faculty for intuitive discernment, our consciousness is ready to upgrade our connection to our higher-self.

in order to access the information of our higher-self, we have shift our subconscious, and energetic pathways to reach its wisdom.  

Activate your field of hyper synchronicities and receive downloads and clear communication on the answers you have been seeking outside of yourself

This week will solidify our connection to our higher-self so that we no longer look outside of ourselves for answers, This will give you the tools to see guidance from a state of discernment rather than dependency. Trusting to know what we need, when we need it is the magick sauce of our personal power
If you're ready to dive into NFT's join below
Your Higher Self Awaits You